Concept Huge Moto Mono Racr: retro-modern of the future

Concept Huge Moto-
The Californian studio Huge Moto, located in San Francisco, together with a team of enthusiasts led by Bill Webb (Bill Webb), has repeatedly implemented their projects of custom based on stock motorcycles.

Basically, the ideas were carried out with the help of the IndieGoGo craddging platform. Anyone could support engineers with designers, providing his motorcycle and receiving a unique caste. At the moment, the project is not registered in the service. The creators, so to speak, check the ground for those interested. Huge Moto Mono Racr is made in a retro-modernist style. The basis is the Honda CBR 1000 RR. The frame and pendulum will be made of carbon fiber. In addition, part of the details will be borrowed from the previous custom from Huge Moto.

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