How does the superemeism of the US Navy Zumwalt look inside

The most inconspicuous destroyer in the world, in addition, is also the largest. Hence, the prefix to the name Zumwalt is a supereismin. Let’s look inside?

This became possible thanks to a video posted on YouTube channel AiirSource Military. By the way, as to invisibility, this is a real fact, its visibility for radar is reduced by fifty times. And this ship, whose length exceeds 180 meters.
Thanks to the video, we can not only get into the cabins or the dining room, but also look into the ship’s barbershop, and also see the location of the machine-gun points. In the arsenal of Zumwalt there are 80 missile launchers, two antiaircraft guns, two artillery units with a caliber of 155 mm, and a generator for 78MW for operation of lasers and railguns!

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