How to play Doom 2 on Porsche 911 for $ 200 thousand

How to play Doom 2 on Porsche 911
If you have a Porsche 911 Carrera S Cabriolet that costs about $ 200,000, then you can follow the example of Matthew Swarthout and play on it in Doom 2.

Of course, such ideas can hardly be called innovative or stunning. Rather, it’s about fooling, which was the result of boredom. The video, which we offer you to see, demonstrates the possibility of starting the game in three steps on a sports car. Just turn on the safe mode, insert a CD with the game and voila into the CD drive! As a “joystick”, pedals, a steering wheel, a check point quite will approach.

But, nevertheless, it is cheaper and safer to use a toaster for playing Doom 2. See the example in the second video.

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