Motorcycle Ducati SuperSport 2017

Ducati SuperSport-
The Italian manufacturer of special motorcycles introduced a new version of the famous SuperSport line, which will be presented in the base model of 2017, as well as S-modification.

A motorcycle from Bologna will be equipped with an almost two-cylinder two-cylinder engine (937 cubic centimeters). At the same time, its power is 113 horsepower. The main purpose of the Ducati SuperSport 2017 is expensive for those who like to ride with the breeze. In full gear, the weight of the motorcycle is 210 kilograms. The novelty is equipped with an adjustable windshield, the adjustment of which is carried out with one hand. Also in stock LED headlight, fuel tank for 16 liters, 3 engine operation modes and much more. But the most important thing is aerodynamics and power.

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