Published the first video testing Hyperloop One

Hyperloop One
One of the many projects, perhaps the most important pillar of modern progress, Ilona Mask, continues step by step to approach the final goal.

Hyperloop OneThe other day Hyperloop One passed for the first time testing a high-speed run directly capsules inside the vacuum tube at a speed exceeding the 300 km / h mark. The first result of the maximum speed was 308 km / h. What was shown in the video, passengers will not be available, since the capsules will be deprived of windows or their similarity.

The test itself was conducted in a specially constructed concrete pipe, which was installed in the middle of the Nevada desert. From the tank, the air was completely pumped out, creating atmospheric conditions comparable to those typical for an altitude of about 6000 meters above sea level. At the start, the capsule was accelerated by electric traction, and then the wheels retracted like a chassis and a magnetic levitation went into use. Up to 800 km / h is still far away, but moving forward is available.

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