Apple earns $ 1,445 every second

An interesting infographics study was published by TitleMax, thanks to which we had an opportunity to evaluate the earnings of the largest companies in an interesting form of filing

It’s about the second-per-second amount, which is replenished by the profitable part of the company. It is Apple that takes the first place in this rating. Every second the company earns $ 1,444.76. Google on their background looks quite modest: the fifth place and $ 616. At the same time, Microsoft and Intel occupy 7 and 19 places respectively. And the brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg generally closes TOP-20 with earnings of $ 323 per second.

It is logical that companies that are not related to technology earn much less. Disney brings to itself in a piggy bank only $ 297, and General Motors - any $ 298.

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