Top Digital Transformation that You need to know

We see that modern technologies develop at the velocity of a sound. Today, we can’t imagine our lives without smartphones and a number of applications. In this review, we’ll have a look at the main digital transformation trends that influence our lives. Just a tip: use this information to impress russian girls on a date :)

1.Artificial Intelligence.
We can’t dispute the benefits of such technologies as the VR or AR technology. If your key objective is to make the customer experience more engaging, the use of VR or AR might be the best solution. So, what do these tools do? Indeed, they make your customers explore the benefits of your product outside the traditional stores. For example, such a well-known brand as IKEA has already experienced the benefits of this technology. Thanks to AR, their customers can check whether their furniture is the right fit for their flats.

2. Chatbots - a new method to improve customer support
This tool is not new, but it gradually becomes a key item in eCommerce website development. The main purpose of chatbots is to solve the inconspicuous problems faster. The main benefit of artificial intelligence is that it can simulate a conversation with your customers in a natural language. Besides, chatbots do this faster as compared to human executives.

3.The development of wearable applications
Though this trend is not new, still it remains more popular today. It is the best if not the only solution for medical facilities to promote this or that product. The best example, which can show what we mean is a fitness band (or activity tracker). It usually monitors the heart rate, the number of consumed and burned calories, and sends this information to your mobile device.

4. SaaS
Software as a service also remains in demand today. The overriding purpose of this software distribution model is to make the application available to users over the internet. Known as a popular software delivery method, SaaS allows customers to use the app online without actually installing it. The best example, which will help you understand the purpose of Saas is Shopify - a popular eCommerce platform, used by thousands of small retailers. Due to its functionality, users can run their businesses online from one, fully customizable platform.

4. Internet of Things
Having mentioned such tools as wearable applications and SaaS, we simply can’t forget about the Internet of Things. Today, IoT becomes more and more popular. Many companies are already using the benefits of intelligent device networks that are mostly controlled via mobile applications. Intelligent homes are the best example illustrating the use of IoT.

5. On-Demand Apps
They can change the world around us! This trend is gradually becoming more and more popular. Just have a look at such bigwigs as Taxify or Uber; both are much needed due to fast access to services that they provide.
All these modern trends should be considered by all entrepreneurs running their businesses online. We all used to buy things online and we all use mobile devices in order to buy services or goods faster. If your goal is to acquire new customers, you should always consider the above mentioned trends!

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